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The zombie virus has struck... but not where you would expect. The virus is currently only infecting rats, they're turning... becoming more violent and cannibalistic than ever seen before and the scientists are worried. The strain is expect to mutate and begin infecting humans soon. You are a cyborg rat created for the sole purpose to destroy all hosts of the infections virus.


Rodent Rampage Z is a roguelite game where you can only buy upgrades between each run, with each upgrade the game gets easier and you can get further until you can finally muster the skill and the upgrades to finish a run. This game starts hard as hell but the impactful upgrade system will make it progressively easier as you go along. 


  • Pseudo random generation of levels  from a selection of different rooms.
  • An upgrade system where you use the currency you collect in game to become better and finally beat the zombie hoard into submission.
  • A weapon selection system where you can select the weapon that suits your style of fighting. Enjoy getting up close and personal use the shotgun. Enjoy ruthless precision use the sniper instead.
  • Modular weapons that allow you to combine your two favorites, on left click you can have a shotgun and on right click you  can have a sniper


WASD - move

Space - Use ability

Left click - Shoot left gun

Right click - shoot right gun

Install Instructions:

  •  Install zip
  • Extract all
  • Run exe from inside file as it will not run without the contents of that file


Rodent Rampage Z 32 MB

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